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Comfy™ U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

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Designed to give pregnant women comfort throughout their entire pregnancy.

If you’re having a hard time sleeping because you’re pregnant, suffering from body pains, or recovering from major surgery, it is time to get rid of the stressful situation. This soft and comfy pillow is the ultimate solution to give you the comfort and support that you’ve been longing for.



Instantly Soothes Discomfort.

It supports your belly while you sleep and upholds its extra weight to help you relieve cramps from sleeping in a side position for a long time.



Pregnancy Made Easy.




Enhances Blood Circulation.


100% Cotton Machine Washable Cover.

Our pregnancy pillow has an extra pillow cover made with 100% cotton, which is soft and comfortable, easy to remove, easy to wash, and easy to put the cover back on.



A good night's sleep for a pregnant mom is every soon-to-be dads’ goal.

Husbands are vouching for this U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow, not just because it gives their wives a quiet night, but because it also does not occupy too much space in bed, giving enough room for your husband to cuddle with you at night.

If you want your husband to buy something valuable for you, then the Comfy™ Pillow is the perfect reward!


You can’t put a price on pain relief or added comfort.

Luckily for you, the Comfy™ Pregnancy Pillow is now on sale, for today only, so don't wait and get yours now while supplies last.


Questions & Answers:

What is it filled with?
It is filled with Polyester Fibers to provide you with full-body support while being soft and firm at the same time, this fabric is designed to not affect the performance after weeks of usage so that it stays full and doesn't flatten out over time.

When can I start using this?
There’s no standard period on when to use this pillow since it varies for every pregnant mom, but don't wait too late in your pregnancy before feeling relieved.

Can the cover go into the dryer?
Yes, you can put the cover in the washer and dryer.

What is the length? 
The pillow size is 115cm/45" long and 55cm/21" wide, it will adapt and blend to your body when using it.

Is the pillow cover 100% cotton? And do you get overheated?
The pillow cover is 100% cotton. This pillow should not get hot during the night. It will keep you cool and comfortable.