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Nebula™ Plasma Ball
Nebula™ Plasma Ball
Nebula™ Plasma Ball

Nebula™ Plasma Ball

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So satisfying & Touch-sensitive.
It’s part science, part magic, and all fun! Nebulla™ responds to your touch, sending rays of light wherever your fingertips go. You’ll impress your friends and add a special ambiance to any room of the house.

This is the perfect toy for science enthusiasts.

Great piece of decoration.
For your bedroom, living room, office, or anywhere else! It'll create a super cool science-fiction vibe.

Exciting gift surprise.
Give someone a gift that is not found in stores

A scientific invention.
Invented by Nikola Tesla during his experimentation with high-frequency currents. 

This modern plasma lamp design was developed by a student at MIT.

Completely safe to use.
A plasma ball is not any more dangerous than a standard lamp, so you don't need to worry about it overheating or being dangerous for your kids to be around.

Powered by USB or 4x AAA Batteries.
You can connect it to a computer, wall charger, power bank battery, etc...

Package Includes:
1 x USB Plasma Light Ball 1 x USB Cable.

Size: 8x13 cm or 3x5 inch
(AAA Battery not included)

Questions & Answers:

How does it work?
An electric current is produced within any conductive object near the orb.

Can this be used as a night light or is it not bright enough?
It's bright enough for a night light.

Does it consume a lot of power?
It doesn't consume much energy to run, as low as 20 watts.

Can it overheat?
Overheating isn't an issue, you can pretty much let it run all-day.

Is it dangerous?
This is a toy and decoration, absolutely safe.

Is the globe a glass?
Yes, the globe is a glass.

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