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Gravity™ Weighted Training Vest

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Level Up Your Training 

If you want to challenge yourself and do an intense workout, whether you’re jogging, rope climbing, doing pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, or burpees, our Gravity™ Weighted Training Vest is your perfect training buddy!

Perfect for building endurance, stamina, and strength.

This is great if you want to improve performance and movements at a high-intensity.


Burn fat faster.

Adding a weighted vest to your workout can double the effectiveness of fat burning.


Gain with reduced pain.

We’ve accepted the fact that there’s no pain, no gain. The Gravity™ Weighted Training Vest changes the game.

It normally wraps around your body with the help of adjustable velcro straps on the chest and waist, helping you to exert less energy while carrying weights

The high-density oxford fabric secures the metal plates while letting you breathe in comfort. The compressed sponge interlining also prevents unnecessary body pains.


Easy weight adjustment and distribution.

The weights can be evenly distributed on the front and on the back. It slides in and out of the vest slots easily and has flaps to secure them. You have the freedom to choose how heavy it will be.


One size fits all.

The easy to adjust velcro straps are designed to fit all sizes.

Free E-Book included.

Weighted vests make you stronger and faster as long as you use them the right way. So we’re giving you free ebook lessons to properly guide you and get you started on safe and effective training at home. You'll receive it by email after placing your order.


Questions & Answers:

Can I adjust the weight?
Yes, you may add or remove the metal plates to obtain your desired weight.

Are the weights included?
Yes, the weights are included.

How resistant is the vest?
No matter how intense your workout is, the Gravity™ Weighted Training Vest is proven and tested to stand up any training.

Is this for male or female?
The Gravity™ vest is suitable for both genders.

What is the maximum weight it can hold?
Vests vary in the weight it can hold. You may choose from the vests that can hold  1-15 kg, 1-20 kg, and 1-50 kg.

How many plates can it hold?
The Gravity™ vest has 16 pockets in front and 16 pockets at the back. 32 pockets in total.

Can I wash it? How?
Yes, you can take the weights out and put the vest in the washing machine.