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Nanny™ Baby Monitor & Home Surveillance IP Camera
Nanny™ Baby Monitor & Home Surveillance IP Camera
Nanny™ Baby Monitor & Home Surveillance IP Camera
Nanny™ Baby Monitor & Home Surveillance IP Camera

Nanny™ Baby Monitor & Home Surveillance IP Camera

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Anything can happen to little children – unfortunately, even within your own home.

Stay one step ahead of danger with the Nanny Baby Monitor, and you will always know your precious kids are safe, healthy and happy. 

Whether you’re at home or not, knowing what happens is critical, an accident can arise at any time, and when you're not with your kid, the results could be fatal.

Our monitoring camera uses a special noise detection system that detects when your baby is crying or when something unusual occurs, which keeps you notified on your phone. Be caring and be safe at any time with the Nanny™ surveillance camera.

Talk to your children or listen to your baby.

The voice detection system allows for communication when you're in another room. Put your mind at ease knowing that no matter where you are you can see and communicate with your kids.

It has a 2-way audio speaker and microphone so you can send warm voices from your phone every time you hear a cry.

Puts worrying moms at ease.

Breathe a sigh of relief when you see your baby’s little smile by just using the mobile app. You won't have to get up every hour at night to check on your baby anymore.

Our Cry-Detect feature can easily detect all sounds so that you get notified instantly.

Great security camera too.

Robberies happen every day. You never know when they’ll strike your house next. But with Nanny Baby Monitor & Home Surveillance you will be notified immediately of any unusual movement.

You can access the cameras through your phone, from anywhere. Whether you are home or away, your house is safe with these home surveillance cameras.

Access it from anywhere, at any time.

Simple and easy to follow instructions with a user-friendly mobile application that you can set up in five minutes or less. Perfect for non-tech-savvy people. 

Moving one room to another? No problem. The device reconnects right away to your Wi-Fi. You can easily stream and monitor without installing back and forth anymore.

Clear and neat night vision.

Captures visible footages even at night or in the dark so that you can maintain 24-hour surveillance, thanks to the infrared feature.

See faces from a good distance.

Recognize your baby or anyone around the house in just one glance. Unlike cheaper options, the Nanny™ camera is specifically designed to distinctly recognize faces thanks to its 1080P high definition camera. 

Buy more, save more.

Because one is not enough when you have more than one kid in the house, or if you want to secure multiple rooms, we're giving you an extra discount if you need more than one device.

Package includes:


 Questions & Answers:

What is the maximum storage capacity?

There is a slot for a micro-SD card of up to 128 GB, which can store on average 32 days of video and sound records. Or you can use the cloud for unlimited storage. 

Can I connect it without a cord?

The device supports both types of connections. Wireless or plugged in for power consumption.

Can I use more than one camera at the same time?

Yes, you could use more than one camera and connect them to the same phone at the same time so you can secure multiple rooms with ease.

Can this camera work at night?

Yes, it has excellent night vision, it clearly sees in the dark so that you can maintain 24-hour surveillance.

Can you move from room to room without having to install it again?

Yes, once you plug it back,  it reconnects with the WiFi, and you can continue streaming.

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